Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic was started in February 2017 for the benefit of poor, marginalized and homeless population of Hyderabad. The Mobile Clinic will operate in a vehicle which is suitably designed to include a reception, doctor’s cabin (where the patients will be examined by the doctor), a lab and a pharmacy store.

Goal | Objectives | Operational Plan



Creating quality health care access facility for poor, marginalized and homeless population of Hyderabad at their door step


Operational Plan

Mobile Clinic works on a five folded system through which it makes the health and medical services accessible to the poor and marginalized communities of Hyderabad so easily, efficiently and at free of cost



1. To provide all forms of health checkup and health care facilities to the poor, marginalized and homeless population of Hyderabad
2. To provide necessary generic medicines at a reasonably subsidized and affordable cost
3. To provide necessary referrals, linkages and follow up support for the treatment of patients
4. To establish a working partnership and network with diagnostic centres and hospitals seeking their support as and when required
5. To serve as a catalyst guiding poor patients in terms of seeking the benefits of the facilities and support available with government for poor