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This scheme was conceived and designed by the group of the young and enthusiastic practicing professionals in quite an informal way through the collection of old newspapers, magazines, bottles, toys and other stuff as a part of local resource mobilization from the well wishers and friends of HCHW. Today, the numbers of contacts have grown enormously and it is no more restricted to friends and well-wishers. Rather, we are directly reaching new individuals, groups and organizations for their support. As a result, today, on record, we have more than 1700 "Friend of Children" contributing generously towards the cause of street children and in other difficult circumstances. The donor includes households, apartments, corporate sectors, commercial undertakings, hotels, social clubs etc.


• Under this scheme any citizen of Hyderabad and Secunderabad can donate their used and accumulated Newspapers and other stuff.

• Donors have to fill the respective form to register them for this scheme.

• The donor will be issued a particular record card, which will contain the basic details, month of donation, time of donation, materials donated and the weight of the paper donated.

• The willing donors can specify day/date and time in a month, as per their convenience for the collection of newspapers.

• Our deliveryman will reach the donors’ place on the stipulated date and time and collect the newspaper and other materials.

• The deliveryman will carry a spring balance and a file register; he will weigh the paper donated and maintain the record of individual donors regularly.

• He will weigh the total quantity of newspapers/magazines donated without causing any kind of inconvenience and enter the same in the donor record card under the account of respective donors.

• We request and expect our donors to acknowledge the same by signing in the prescribed column. This is required for the sake of our accountability and our responsibility towards the target beneficiaries as well as the donors.

• The Newspapers thus collected will be sold in bulk to the recycling units once in a month or on a quarterly basis (depending upon the total quantity collected) and the amount of money earned through it will be used towards the Educational Empowerment of Children.

• The record can be rechecked by any donor at any time; we will update the record regularly.

• Yearly report of the total quantity of newspapers/magazines collected from each donor and the amount of money earned through it will be sent to the respective donors.


• Donors who make the contribution of newspapers/magazine on regular basis will be honored as 'Friend of Children'

• We assure accountability and transparency at every stage.

• The "Friend of Children" will be included on our mailing list and assured of receiving our quarterly newsletter that speaks of the progress and development with regard to the work at HCHW