Joun Us As Intern/ Volunteer


Volunteer | Intern Norms

Volunteers/Interns are expected to make a commitment and should be accountable to the organization. Hence they are expected to act in accordance with by the values and principles of our organization.

  • Respect the Mission, Vision, Values and goals of HCHW
  • Take all commitment to heart and perform all tasks to the best of your ability
  • Volunteers/Interns are expected to act with integrity and respect with co-members and with whom they will be working
  • Treat your fellow members and with whom you will be working with during the course of volunteering with kindness and without discrimination
  • Please do not accept any valuable gifts or monetary resources
  • Please do not give any gifts or lend any monetary resources to the communities and other stakeholders
  • Be courteous, friendly and cooperative
  • Offer constructive feedback about our organization
  • Do not make any promise that you would be unable to deliver
  • Be non-judgmental. Try to make them think and take their feedback/suggestions on relevant issues
  • Be sensitive to the community beliefs/practices/traditions


  • Applicants are required to complete the application form and submit it
  • After reviewing the application forms there will be an interview session conducted by the organization
  • The volunteers are expected to join the group based on different projects depending on their area of interest
  • Volunteer group will be mentored with necessary information and resources by full time HCHW employees or representatives working on the projects
  • Volunteers are expected to take up tasks and accomplish those tasks within the time period being provided by their mentors
  • Volunteers have to volunteer for a mandatory period of 120 hours
  • If a volunteer is not able to continue volunteering for some reason he/she should inform the concerned mentor in writing with the reason
  • Volunteers in HCHW are treated with integrity and respect during their course of volunteering
  • The contributions of volunteers are consistently acknowledged with formal and informal recognitions
  • HCHW provides certificates to volunteers who have been engaged actively for more than 120 hours
  • HCHW will not provide certificates to volunteers who were not consistent and regular during their course of volunteering
  • HCHW will not provide any stipend or remuneration to volunteers for any tasks being done during their course of volunteering
S.No Activities
1 Computer Education
2 Historical Exposure of Hyderabad
3 Picnic and outings
4 General Knowledge
5 Sports and Games
6 Extra-Curricular Activities
7 Painting of the School Walls
8 Training of Teachers
9 Software Maintenance for Mobile Clinic - MIS
10 Content Writing for Monthly Newsletter
11 Mobilization of deserving children for our school or identifying areas which needs our Mobile Clinic services
12 Fundraising
13 Collecting Relevant information regarding near future events for HCHW

Intern Application Form

Note: Please make sure you read the norms and the structure of the Internship before applying.


  • Applicants are required to submit the following either by email or online: Resume, Application form, Reference letter from the college or university
  • HCHW will review the following documents and will arrange a face to face interview
  • If selected HCHW will issue an offer letter to the intern
  • Time-frame of placement will be minimum period 4-6 weeks from Monday to Saturday (10 am-5pm)
  • Intern applications for engagement of 3-6 months are also encouraged and welcomed
  • Interns will be given a certificate upon completion of their internship project and at the end of the committed internship period
  • HCHW will not provide any stipend or remuneration to interns
  • Interns from out stations are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements
S.No Activities
1 Computer Education Classes
2 Undertaking Spoken English Courses
3 Organizing Events
4 Mobilizing Sponsors for Education Program
5 Creating Awareness among schools and colleges
6 Help the Program Coordinator for the daily checkup of people – Mobile Clinic
7 Organizing health checkups for children in School
8 Promoting basic hygiene awareness to children and their families
9 Help in strategizing fund raising for various projects.

Volunteer Application Form

Note: Please make sure you read the norms and the structure of the volunteer before applying.