Children Carnival

To most of us childhood reminds the good old days of fun and frolic, all loveand no pain, secure and protected, the most memorable days of our life! But forthe children living on streets and in other difficult circumstances, they aredeprived of childhood, as they suffer the hardship and trauma of a phase ofpremature adulthood. With a vision to ensure and restore childhood among children living on streets, HCHW celebrates every year “Children’s Carnival”. To earmark Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehrus’ love, concern and solidarity for children, this event is celebratedfrom 14th - 20th November every year thus culminating with the international Day for Child Rights. Around 1500 children participated in the Children’s Carnival this year, including children from the nine districts of Andhra Pradesh. The APSRTC buses plied to and fro ensuring total convenience to all the children. The carnival hosted a fleet of entertaining games and shows for children of all ages, be it cricket and kabadi, or eating jalebis, or even antakshari, dances and one-minute shows, they enjoyed it all. Not to forget the joy rides and animal rides enjoyed by all.The children feasted on good, nutritious food along with the munchies they love the most like popcorn, icegola, sugar candy etc. Different local donors and friends of HCHW sponsored the food. In the painting competition, the children exhibited extra ordinary talents with lots of creativity, showing their perception, attitudes, thinking and understanding of the society they live in.Along with the fun and feasts, they were also made aware of health and hygiene aspects related to them. Health camps were organised, children who require long term treatment were referred to Government Hospitals where the necessary treatment was given and the follow-up of the cases carried out by the respective staff members in the due course of time.Every year on 18th November, we observe ‘Police Dost Campaign’, which aims at bridging the gap between the Police Personnel and street children towards making “Child Friendly Police”. Police personnel from the East, West and South Zones have participated in the Children’s Carnival.