Seeking the support and involvement of Schools and Students through 10 Ka Dum.

10 Ka Dum

The scheme involves clear commitment from individuals, families and groups or institutions and companies towards donating Rs 10/- per day consecutively for 365 days for a social cause. This Rs 10/ will bring cheer and relief in different ways to thousands of children whose lives have been blighted by circumstances beyond their control.

The Power of Ten

  • It can help educate a child who would otherwise be loitering on streets, begging or involved in child labour.
  • It can release a child from the clutches of poverty
  • It can restore parental care to a child oblivious of it due to economic or other reasons
  • It can cushion a child who has lost childhood
  • It can strengthen efforts to protect the rights of underprivileged children
  • It can protect a child vulnerable to abuse and exploitation
  • It can enable a poor child to access quality medical care
  • It can prevent misguided kids from getting into the clutches of anti-social elements
  • It can nurture the country's human resource at its crucial phase

How it Works



  • As a way to instill among school children the habit of utilizing their pocket money (at least of one day in a month) for productive purposes and showing empathy for kids who do not know the joys of schooling, schools can encourage each student to contribute as little as Rs. 10/- per month
  • Schools can involve parents and collect the money along with the monthly tuition fee
  • The pooled amount can then be remitted to HCHW-AP through an account payee Cheque; direct account to account transfer or through UPI


  • On its part, HCHW will honor every year the Top of the participating schools with the title of 'Bal Bandhu' on the basis of the total amount mobilized.
  • All participating schools will be presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • The name and the logo of all participating schools will be reflected on the Website of HCHW, Annual Report as well at its facilities for children.
  • The pooled amount can then be remitted to HCHW-AP through an account payee cheque or direct transfer to its bank account.

The Transformative Power of 10

HCHW, which has touched the lives of over 1,27,772 children since 1990, proposes to launch innovative child-oriented projects. With an impeccable track record of changing the lives of scores of children, HCHW is running a full-fledged school offering free of cost education to poor and neglected children and has plans to expand its facilities to accommodate more children. Dus Ka Dum is its bold step in that direction.