DMR School Success Stories

2016 - 2017

Sana Fatima

I am Sana Fatima and I am from poor family background where my father runs an auto and mother is a domestic maid. Due to financial problem I have left my education and I was mentally depressed as my family members were planning to get me married. My mother was very much supportive for my education, whereas my father and grandmother were against my education. One fine day, one of the HCHW members met my mother and told about this school and further education. My mother was very much impressed about the school, education and career. Next day, my father and mother were counseled by HCHW team explained about importance of education, career and marriage planning. Finally, my father enrolled me in DMR School (HCHW) and now I am happy that I am studying .

Shaik Sameer

Shaik Sameer is from Urdu medium where he was studying in Madrasa in local community. After a period of time, he left the Madrasa and he was roaming here and there on the streets. Shaik's parents are daily wage workers who are illiterate and were least bothered about the son’s education. HCHW team was canvasing in the community and the team found Shaik was playing. HCHW team have counseled the parents but somehow parents were not convinced about son's education. The team took the support of the Manager and he counseled twice to the parents about the son's education. With lot of difficulty, they got convinced to enroll him in school. Actually they were in confusion with regard to enrollment of their son in a school. Finally the Manager has clarified all their clarifications including free of cost education and other facilities and only then they have enrolled him in the school


Nizam is studying in LKG and is from below poverty line family where his father expired long back and mother is working as a domestic maid earning between Rs.4000 to Rs.5000 per month. Nizam's mother is an illiterate and she finds difficult to educate her son after the school hours. His mother aims to educate her son and to see him as an officer. Nizam and his mother both lives in a rented house with basic amenities. She doesn't have any support from family. Herewith HCHW is supporting free education to Nizam by providing books, bags, uniforms, stationary items and transportation facility while they also get the support of grocery pack under Food Security for Poor Scheme of HCHW.

2017 - 2018

Tabassum begum

Tabassum is a 13-year-old beneficiary from Hassan Nagar, Hyderabad. She is passionate about her studies and wants to help her mother by providing her mother better living standards. She belongs to an economically poor family where there are three members in the family which includes mother her brother and herself. Her father does not take proper care of her family as this is his second marriage and comes home once in 8 days. Her father does not support the family financially and all the economic burdens fall up on her mother. Her mother is a daily wage laborer in a plastic factory where she earns 220/- per day. Her mother cooks all the meals at home before leaving for work and after coming back home. Her father is an alcoholic and when comes home abuse her mother verbally and physically. Her mother is very supportive of her dream and tells her to work hard towards her studies and to build her strengths. HCHW helps her to achieve her dreams through providing her free of cost education. She is excellent in her studies along with extra curriculum activities. Tabassum is a wonderful child and her determination to become successful in her life is very impressive! We wish her the very best.


Ramesh is a 14 year old student from Santhosh Nagar, Hyderabad. His father is a migrant from Nepal who came in search of job opportunities in Hyderabad. He belongs to an economically poor family where there are four members in a family which includes father, mother, his brother and himself. His father works in a hotel as a cook where he earns Rs. 300 per day and to support the family financially his mother works as domestic maid and earns 6000/- per month. He went to school till 1 st Standard and then dropped out of school due to unaffordability of his parents to pay the huge fees in private schools. He hasn’t been to school for three years and later joined our Day School at the age of 11 years in the academic year 2015-2016. Right now he is in 6 th Standard and doing well in his studies. He wants to become a doctor and serve the society. We wish him the very best!!

Kareema Begum

Kareema Begum is a beneficiary from Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. She aspires to become a teacher. She got the inspiration from her teachers who are teaching her in our Day School. She stays with her grandmother and her aunt. The sole responsibility of her family is on her aunt. Her mother died in a fight with her father when she was one and half years old. Her father threw oil on her and ablaze her. Soon after the death of her mother, her father left the house and ran away. Right now her grandmother and aunt are taking care of her. Her aunt works as a domestic help and earns 3000/- per month to sustain and nurture her and also support her to pursue her dreams. She had been to Private School but she had to quit her studies for a year as her aunt was unable to take the burden of huge fees of private schools. She joined our school in the year 2015 with the aim to pursue her further studies and to achieve big in her life. We hope that she pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. We wish her all the best for her future!!!

2018 - 2019

Saniya Sayeed

Saniya Sayeed,is the daughter of a small company worker. with that job it is often difficult for her father to run a family of 6 members. So, he had to stop Saniya’s education for a year. In such a situation, DMR was the only option to ensure the continuation of Saniya’s education at free of cost. Thus, Saniya joined DMR in class III and got promoted directly to class V from class III

MD Anwar

Anwar is a son of a polish worker. He has five siblings. His elder siblings go to work and younger ones join him for school. Anwar has been in DMR since the very beginning of his schooling life. Being a polish worker, the income of Anwar’s father can’t support his family completely. As a result, his elder siblings had to start working without education. But Anwar’s father wanted Anwar and his younger siblings to complete their education. So, he was searching for a school where he can educate Anwar with little or no fee and DMR has been the right option.